Our top Easter eggs for 2013

It looks like this Easter might just see our first slice of warm weather for months and to celebrate that (and of course the religious ceremony and Macy’s Day Parade) we’re going to eat a bucketload of chocolate. 

This year we’ve seen some pretty fabulous-looking Easter Eggs and Vosges’s ‘bacon and eggs’ is no exception. Five dark chocolate half eggs arrive nestled in a straw-filled, pink gift box. Each egg is filled with buttery, soft, bacon caramel. That’s breakfast sorted then.

If you’re feeling creative, head over to stellamccartney.com, where you can design your own digital egg in the ‘kids’ section. Better still, every kids purchase made in store or online will get a free egg with a bunny. Here’s one we made earlier…

Or what about the Mr. Potato Head option, for you creative souls out there?

Last but not least, nothing can beat the Lindt Bunny – a winner every time.